Whitehorse Activities Club (Inc. No. A0011987K)


Our Past

The Whitehorse Activities Club began as an early planning for retirement club to help men and women prepare for one of the biggest changes in their life, retirement. The Club later changed its focus to post-retirement activities and then in 1974 the Club became Life Activities Club Whitehorse and joined the Life Activities Victoria network. As part of Life Activities Victoria, the Club was able to approach councils and governments to seek their support in improving the lives of retired men and women.

In 2019 the Club split from Life Activities Victoria to create the Whitehorse Activities Club. As a standalone Club it allowed it to focus on the particular needs of older people in the Whitehorse community.

Our Mission

As one retires, one loses some of the social contact one enjoyed in working life. One can also face a reduction in activity. The Club knows that it is important for one’s long-term health and well-being to remain active in mind and body. Our Club offers many ways to help members stay active and socially connected. The Club caters for different tastes, different abilities, and different levels of mobility. Some of the Club’s activities are physical and some are for the mind.

Our Future

Our Club is keen to grow, both in membership (nearly 700) and in the variety of activities that it offers. The Club recognises the changing needs of a diverse Whitehorse community. It means that the Club has to evolve with the community to keep up with changing needs and interests.

At the Whitehorse Activities Club one can look forward to meeting people from many walks of life and many parts of the world.